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A really good game. Reminds me of when I was a kid, being scared of the dark. Good build up from start to the finish. Really creepy excellent job 👍


Glad I could give you a bit of a childhood throwback. Thanks for playing Channator!

Really charming game! Always love some pixel horror, and you do a brilliant job creating tension and dread with ambience. I will say that on Night 5 I was a bit confused on what to do, but ultimately figured it out.

Overall, solidly spooky experience! 


Thank you Crimson! Due to the confusion I added the radio afterwards which plays a riddle that tells you where to take pictures, but I realized afterwards that players frequently dismiss it as a scary radio is a commonly overused horror trope. Sorry for the confusion!

No worries! It was tricky but I got there eventually. I will say that it might help if the flash on the camera was just slightly longer, it was very difficult to get my bearings (though I realize that was partially the point). A 0/3 counter at the top for that night might help as well.

I am left thoroughly unsettled after this. Congrats TheDollarGameStore. This is an excellent game, love the aesthetics and love the building of dread on each night. For anyone reading this stop now and play this game!

Thank you spooky-turnip! I'm flattered <3


This game has so much more to it... It's not solely focused on JumpScares, but a more mental approach... LOVE IT!

Thank you for this piece of art! :D

Left a link to the vid on your Twitter! 

Thank you! I've retweeted it.

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I play a lot of horror games that focus on jumpscares, this one really does a good job at making the environment itself the horror.
I love how with so little you can make such a good game, all you had was a simple house, with a simple objective, yet you accomplished so much!
Can't wait to see what's next!
Keep up the great game design!

Thank you, those are kind words! My attempt was to defnitely stray away mostly from jump scares as they're a cheap form of horror in my opinion. 

Took me a while to figure out what I should take picture of, but it was a nice experience. 
Starts @ 1:28:15

Thank you, you legend!

Pretty good. Nice creepy atmosphere that grows more unsettling as it goes.


Thank you Rob!!

No prob!


I didn’t really notice any jump scares, except maybe for the camera night. The breathing from the monster in the end was more annoying than scary, but overall the game was very well-made (much more than mine of course). It had a good atmosphere that made me feel uneasy, and I was always hesitant to turn the corner. Other then the ending being a bit slow and the awful breathing, I would probably go with a 5/5 (get it? cause… the lights? lol). Anyway, great job on the development, can’t wait to see more!

Thanks Tbit! I tried to avoid jumpscares as a bit of a more experimental game, but every time I watch someone play it I keep spotting perfect moments for jumpscares. Definitely going to add those in the next game. Thanks for the feedback! I'll give your games a whirl in a bit.

Of course! But I wouldn’t recommend playing Pompeii (it has very bad reviews and is kind of a waste of time)

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This game was great i love playing it and i already recorded this game for my youtube video


Thank you for the coverage FireGaming!

It was good! The jumpscare really got me. And I really like the admosphere too, it give me feel uneasy. The only little problem that I want to point was it was too dark on the fourth night. Its hard to find the stair that night, but anyway, overall, it was really good! 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

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Avoided a jumpscare literally frames before it was too late, got to night 5, and got too scared to keep playing. 10/10, I'll probably try again when it's not 1 am

Thanks for playing! Haha I hope you'll finish it some day :D

if i played this when i was 11 id be scared to death cuz this frightened me even in my teen years

Glad I could re-awaken a childhood fear haha

For my first day back as a tuber to play a well made game 

Thanks for the game and i hope you continue in making games

Thank you! I'm honored you picked my game out of all the games to make your comeback to youtube! Thanks for playing

great game 

One of my favourite let's plays so far. Thanks!

cool game ngl

Thank you for the kind words! 


Hey! I just played this game on my new gaming channel! The atmosphere was great, I enjoyed the build up and tension before revealing the monster! Well done! Here's my video if you want to check it out : 

Thank you for playing the game Posyden!

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You weren't lying about it being entertaining haha! Your channel's going to pop off soon, I can feel it


Loved the art style, I liked the night system but would have liked the scare factor to increase dramatically each night (Jumpscares please), leave a sense of dread as I move on to the next night. Overall enjoyed the game, good job!

Thank you Rizyx! I tried to avoid jumpscares as much as possible as it often breaks the tension after a jumpscare. I do regret however not ending it off with a big one lol.

Thanks for playing!


awesome game added it to my three free horror games video as game 1

Welcome back to your favorite free horror game series. Today I tackle three new horror games from Itchio. Each game brings its out unique outlook on horror, some based of creep factors and some off pure jumpscares. Can you handle the three new games or will you run away? Come and enjoy the latest Three Free Horror Games Video

That would be Lights Out, not Lights off. Appreciate the comment nonetheless :)

my bad, I actually did your game in the previous video to this series and shared it here I think friday. Sorry about the confusion lots of games title very similarly here. 

Haha no worries. I do remember watching yours. There's been quite a few lets plays so I find it hard to keep track of all of them, but when I watched this video I was like "Wait, I think I've seen you before" 


Man this game scared me so bad I felt like I couldn't even go downstairs anymore, great way to bring out my fears!

Thanks Mark!

im sweating

Haha mission accomplished!

Really cool game

Thank you Husseville!

AMAZING! I recommend a saving system where it saves progress every night. I accidently pressed ESC while recording and it kinda pissed me off. Overall Very GOOD


Thanks Freadel! I believe a pause menu is in order as multiple people have experienced an issue with hitting escape. 

As for a save system, I don't plan on implementing one as the game is only 10 minutes long and is meant to be played in one sitting to build the tension correctly


It was fun and I enjoyed it. Whenever I laugh, you can tell I'm enjoying a game. :) Good job.

Thank you for the kind words! Glad you had fun

I definitely did; thanks!


Definitely scared the life out of me! The game is very well made, great atmosphere, and great scares!

Thank you Tempzee!

Very spooky, I think making the stairs alot longer would be real spooky.


That's a great idea actually! Thanks for playing the game!

You should be making money from this game!

That's a really nice compliment Ricky! I doubt I'll be monetizing this one as I made this as an experiment, and the fact that so many people played and enjoyed it makes me happier than money could!

Very good game I love the desing and atmosphere of the game

Thank you Fennec! 

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting a lot from this game, but boy did it deliver! Great game. I can't wait to play more of your games!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing

this game is one of my favorite itchio games the atmosphere is top notch the mechanics are nice and change up for a bit, the scares are great and not to loud and in your face, and the graphics are pretty good looking, and overall the feel of the game is very unsettling. the monsters look cool and the lighting is beautifully done (even though its probably just the engines lighting) it is a bit short but all itchio games are overall I say this gets a 9/10 for me its really good all round its just a bit short. if you want to check out my full playthrough of this game here it is 

if you checked it out I appreciate you and I hope you have a good day regardless

Thank you BlizzardSunny! You wouldn't believe me if I told you but the lighting was an absolute pain to get right. Had issues with the light bleeding through the floors and walls as I hardly had any experience in 3d modelling when I started this project. Glad it turned out decent and that it stood out for you! Thanks for playing my game, much love <3

I was hoping for a more climatic end but the game was super fun for what it was! 4/5

Much appreciated RamseysWrath <3

i enjoy playing these kinds of short lil horror games, always a bit of fun, this one was too :). 

would love to see it expanded on!


Thank you for playing my game Declan!

I like some of the ideas of the game but after about the 3 or fourth time of doing it I was starting to get bored and was glad that after that was when you introduced the camera which was a welcome change to the repetitiveness of the first couple of nights. But the idea did start to get stale of turning out the lights over and over and again. Also liked the idea of the bed mechanic as well though also not fleshed out very well but would like to see you add some depth to that idea and try it out in other games. Not bad but only ok.


Thanks for the review and criticism! I'll take it into account for the next one :)

It was fun :D

Thank you!!

This game had a really cool concept! It also scared me a good amount of times. Check out my playthrough here! I'd say it was pretty funny

Thank you for playing my game! Had a good laugh watching this

Thanks to this game, I'm now afraid to turn off the lights. Not really haha, but this game really scared me without relying heavily on cheap jumpscares. Definitely a good short horror game!

Haha nice! Thanks for playing!

Nice game!✌✌✌✌

Thank you my friend!


Pretty fun game enjoyed it verrryy much!

Thanks Mylezeezz! Hope you get your 1k subs soon

Thank you so much!

Mannnnnn, what a terrific experience. I never even encountered a monster and i was scared out of my brainnnn

That was a wild let's play, and in a good way haha. Thanks for playing!

That GAme Was Awesome...

Thanks for playing! Love your enthusiasm!

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