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This game was kind of interesting, it wasn't very scary and not a lot happened. My friends and I played this game for a Random Horror Games video and it wasn't terrible but there also wasn't much "horror" in our opinions.

Game is at 30:46

This game was excellent! Very scary, made me jump more than once. Great job on this one!

game had me at the end lol here's my playthrough on jt! 

Simple Idea, But Fantastic Game!

That's My Video On It! :)

Aye nice game here bro. Simple yet intriguing. We can all agree that as a child turning off the light and running upstairs a demon was chasing and this game brings back those experiences.👍👍

Shameless Plug:

Simple concept, but well done in general. The start and the end game are great, but I did miss something in the middle. As if I needed a bit more story? I really liked it though! Good Job, developer =)

This was a really fun little game, the subtle jumpscares and the atmosphere was great, good work :)

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Do jeito que eu gosto, simples, imersivo e com um mistério por trás, será ótimo se o criador trouxer continuações!

Vídeo programado para o dia 31/08.

I waited awhile for the scare but it took some time before it came. It was worth the wait because the end was spooky, so overall it was a fun.

Start at 21:15 to watch the clip of me playing through the game.

The flash jumpscares got me good! Really good game

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I really enjoyed this game. It succeeded in what you were going for in that it captured the atmosphere and tension of being a child in the dark and it put a supernatural spin to it.

You were good at slowly building suspense and because it always stayed pretty subtle the game never fell into the trap of becoming too cheesy.

I watched a few playthroughs of the game and I felt kind of bad because one of my favorite moments was missed by a lot of people so I wanted to acknowledge that I really liked the creature in the dark at Night 4.

I also noticed that a lot of people missed the fact that the radio tells you where the creatures are. This could've easily been cheesy as well but because the "poem" and the voice are actually pretty creepy (in my opinion) and it's just such a radical departure from what came before it I think it works. 

While I overall liked this part I think what would maybe help with something like this in the future is to add subtitles to it so the player knows that they're supposed to pay attention to it. This would also help with the issue that it was a bit hard for me to understand at times. I actually still don't know what the last sentence is to be honest. I can understand "One waiting for eternal slumber." but then "(From the) closet (you can tell)"? Well, I obviously figured it out anyway but I'm still  really curious what he actually says.

All in all it's a really good and effective horror game. The perfect amount of subtlety so that it's still unsettling and sticks in your mind but not disappointing. :]

Loved this game, that scared feeling you get when you turn the lights off at the bottom of the stairs hits hard here.


Awesome horror experience. Very atmospherically and unnervingly well done. I encourage you to make more.

Turn off the light and get in bed. Then turn on the phone and watch this Youtube video about turning off the light and getting in bed.

This game Vibes were good! just the thought of being in the dark! gets a lot of people!i just wish you would of seen the monster more then just the ending! could of made it more scary! here is my game play! 3:29 to ending of video.

Good game dude!! very scary atmosphere even more because I'm afraid of the dark.

Keep it up 

Gameplay PT-BR

oh my gosh this game was spooky. seeing as one of my greatest fears is being in the dark


This game's sound effects and the atmosphere got me good! Especially when you have to try to fall asleep! I put this game's link in a Discord server that I'm in!

Thank you for playing and for spreading the word on your Discord!

You're very welcome! And thank you so much for your amazing comment! It truly means a lot to me!

Pretty scary, amazing game!

Thank you FAC1

nice game XD


you're welcome ^-^

it pretty good i didnt quite beat it at the end considering i ran out of time basically but i enjoyed it 👍

You were so damn close! Night 6 is the last one

Fun game, and  you really got me when the camera went off. Can't wait to see more from you!

Thanks for playing! Glad I managed to spook you

Good game!This game really brought back all the feelings I had as a kid. Thanks for the spoops. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in my reaction.

Thank you!


Thank you, that's kind of you!


Thanks Zika!


this is a good horror game it scared me so much that i couldn't even play the whole game

Thank you for playing! It's crazy how it can be a compliment when someone doesn't finish your game lol

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this is actually really scary good job lmao i could barely sit still


Haha thanks Skrimpy!

Great short horror experience! I really don't have any negative criticism honestly. Really good use of sound made me paranoid the whole time. I guess I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more done with the sleep mechanic, at least I didn't experience anything out of the ordinary anyway. I had a fun time playing. Thanks for making the game!

Thank you WoodyRun! Glad you enjoyed it for what it was

This game was excellent. The sound effects that been used were brilliant. Pretty cool concept. I love it!   

Thank you for the kind words Pansomist!

This was really friggin cool! I liked the styling and it was genuinely scary. Here's a gameplay video I did of it! 


Thank you Nate!!


really epic game! loved it

here is a video i made about it!


Thank you! :)

A really good game. Reminds me of when I was a kid, being scared of the dark. Good build up from start to the finish. Really creepy excellent job 👍


Glad I could give you a bit of a childhood throwback. Thanks for playing Channator!

Really charming game! Always love some pixel horror, and you do a brilliant job creating tension and dread with ambience. I will say that on Night 5 I was a bit confused on what to do, but ultimately figured it out.

Overall, solidly spooky experience! 


Thank you Crimson! Due to the confusion I added the radio afterwards which plays a riddle that tells you where to take pictures, but I realized afterwards that players frequently dismiss it as a scary radio is a commonly overused horror trope. Sorry for the confusion!

No worries! It was tricky but I got there eventually. I will say that it might help if the flash on the camera was just slightly longer, it was very difficult to get my bearings (though I realize that was partially the point). A 0/3 counter at the top for that night might help as well.

I am left thoroughly unsettled after this. Congrats TheDollarGameStore. This is an excellent game, love the aesthetics and love the building of dread on each night. For anyone reading this stop now and play this game!

Thank you spooky-turnip! I'm flattered <3


This game has so much more to it... It's not solely focused on JumpScares, but a more mental approach... LOVE IT!

Thank you for this piece of art! :D

Left a link to the vid on your Twitter! 

Thank you! I've retweeted it.

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I play a lot of horror games that focus on jumpscares, this one really does a good job at making the environment itself the horror.
I love how with so little you can make such a good game, all you had was a simple house, with a simple objective, yet you accomplished so much!
Can't wait to see what's next!
Keep up the great game design!

Thank you, those are kind words! My attempt was to defnitely stray away mostly from jump scares as they're a cheap form of horror in my opinion. 

Took me a while to figure out what I should take picture of, but it was a nice experience. 
Starts @ 1:28:15

Thank you, you legend!

Pretty good. Nice creepy atmosphere that grows more unsettling as it goes.


Thank you Rob!!

No prob!


I didn’t really notice any jump scares, except maybe for the camera night. The breathing from the monster in the end was more annoying than scary, but overall the game was very well-made (much more than mine of course). It had a good atmosphere that made me feel uneasy, and I was always hesitant to turn the corner. Other then the ending being a bit slow and the awful breathing, I would probably go with a 5/5 (get it? cause… the lights? lol). Anyway, great job on the development, can’t wait to see more!

Thanks Tbit! I tried to avoid jumpscares as a bit of a more experimental game, but every time I watch someone play it I keep spotting perfect moments for jumpscares. Definitely going to add those in the next game. Thanks for the feedback! I'll give your games a whirl in a bit.

Of course! But I wouldn’t recommend playing Pompeii (it has very bad reviews and is kind of a waste of time)

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