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Very fun and very creepy. Thanks for making it.

"AHHHHHHH"- my reaction to the jumpscares (Game #1)

Absolutely amazing game, just wish there were more to the ending but it was still very good 👌🏼

Hello guys!

Congratulations for the game. Very simple but it does a good job of bringing back a fear we felt as a child.

Who has never gone out runs through the house afraid of the dark?

Nice game!

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This scared the shit out of me lol, great game :) (1st game)

I honestly need a part 2 of this game

There may or may not be something in the works right now...

Thanks for playing!

Pissed myself



idk what to do for the picture part


plz subscribe, anywaysss, This game was really nice and it had me on the edge

I don't know what happened to me in the end.

Man it was such a horrific experience...truly it made me piss 3 times....heres my playthrough of it..... thank you :)

Loved it! Super creepy

shittyn't ass game pretty good actaully

Lovely game, Really enjoyed it! :)

Este juego es extremadamente aterrador! Lo recomiendo muchísimo. Todos tuvimos ese miedo de niños de apagar la luz y correr al cuarto para ir a dormir antes de que el monstruo de la oscuridad te alcance. Este juego lo lleva a la práctica!

Gran trabajo Dev!!

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Really nice horror game with simple but scary concept of childhood fear. Enjoyed it, continue to make your games better and better.:)

Nunca mais vou dormir depois desse jogo 


I'm never going to sleep again after this game 

HOW DID HE GET IN?! - Lights Off - (No Commentary)

Really liked the concept of the game, 9/10

I was never really scared of the dark when I was little but this game really made me feel scared lol Great little game 

mid game tbh. do nbetter lol

The game explores a common childhood fear and does so in a way that's quite creepy yet fun at the same time. I loved the pixelated look this game had to it, adding a whole other layer of creepiness, especially with the creature.

fantastic game!  Loved the mood and it gave me chills!

Wow!! Started off so simple yet the tension really built-up brilliantly, it honestly gave me chills! I made a video for my channel, please take a look. It's the 2nd game.

Really enjoyed the game, but it seems like I ran into some kind of an issue on Night 5. 
I've also left some feedback if you're curious.

Fantastic game!

Petit jeu facon retro bien sympathique :]

Unexpectedly awesome! Thanks for the game!

Hungarian playthrough:

Praise the sun


5 estrellas

tremendo miedo el juego yo solo dure en la noche 5 porque no mames mucho miedo especial cuando tienes audifonos porque experimentas mas

Excellent, so scary :)

Great game. This is my gameplay...

That was really good! the build up was great,

it crashes every time I try to open it Im on Mac pls help

good content, so good game.

:D i play this game on steam, thank for game !

I been diggin all these little indie horror games!
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