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Nice game!✌✌✌✌

Thank you my friend!


Pretty fun game enjoyed it verrryy much!

Thanks Mylezeezz! Hope you get your 1k subs soon

Thank you so much!

Mannnnnn, what a terrific experience. I never even encountered a monster and i was scared out of my brainnnn

That was a wild let's play, and in a good way haha. Thanks for playing!

That GAme Was Awesome...

Thanks for playing! Love your enthusiasm!

Played this game in a 3 random horror games vid, and honestly it spooked me pretty good lol! It's the first game I play, and I hope you enjoy :D


Thanks Bop man! Awesome let's play

Just another regular night until things start getting weird.... it got me kinda good like once lol starts @ 0:35 

Thanks for the let's play!

This game is sooo amazing the textures are amazing the visuals are amazing , everything about it is just perfect...It kinda motivated me to start my own project (i dont know if you mind that) I also want another game with the same experience but more story driven...maybe this monster that I couldnt see was actually widely seen by too many people and in the next game you play as one of the new victims for this creature that stalks and scares people when theyre trying to sleep :) (I wanted to upload this on youtube but the file got corrupted for some reason ill link the video later on when I record another gameplay of this masterpiece)

Hi BeamDev! I don't mind at all! As a matter of fact it's an honor to think my game is inspiring others to make similar games. If you end up finishing yours please let me know on this comment thread, I'd love to play it!

I will...and again thanks alot for bringing us this masterpiece of a game!

and btw when I said "I also want another game with the same experience but more story driven...maybe this monster that I couldnt see was actually widely seen by too many people and in the next game you play as one of the new victims for this creature that stalks and scares people when theyre trying to sleep :) "

I was suggesting that you make lights off! part 2 with this idea , so I wasnt talking about the game that I'm gonna make :)

This was so well done with the buildup and the scares! Really loved that it had me questioning if something was there or not or if something was going to happen! Such a great game! 

Thank you!

No problem!!

Odlična kratka igrica, dizajn i zvučni efekti su radili svoj posao i stvarno su me držali na rubu, sretno sa gradnjom!



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Love the games atmosphere and the vibes it gives, recollecting childhood memories and fears. All in all a great experience but could use some work most especially on the 5th night with the camera. it'll be much easier if you have markers to know where you need to go.


Thank you for playing MGC!

loved it could use some jumps but great and creepy added it as game 2 in my three free horrors series

Welcome back to three free horror games. Today we look at another side of horror, the creepy side. Each of these games brings a whole new level of creep to the horror genre. With great atmosphere and creepy stories each of these games deserves a lot of attention.

Thank you! You flatter me

WOOO This was a lot of Fun! The use of the radio for the Puzzle at the end was SO DOPE! Seriously that was so much fun! I had such a fun time making this video so thanks for making this one! I hope you enjoy :D 

Awesome playthrough! Thanks for playing Cameron

angosciante e inquietante allo stesso tempo. Mi è piaciuto tantissimo,complimenti.


game was quite fun, thanks for making it! 


I forgot to leave a review at the end of my video but this game was FOR REAL!!! You did a lot with a little. The game was short and sweet. The tension that was built in between the nights were awesome because it had me at the edge of my seat waiting to see what the next night would bring. You did a lot with a little and that's something that a lot of game developers can't do. Keep up the great work homie and I hope to play some more of your games in the future!

    - CrazyCheesePuf

Thank you CheesePuf! Those words mean a lot to me

it was fun playing this!

Thank you Betito!

This was cool! I often had the irrational fear of turning off the lights and heading upstairs as a kid, so I'm glad there are other people suffering from it as well. My stomach was in a knot the whole time, I even took little breaks in the light, just standing there.

Glad I could bring to light an old fear once more hehe


Thank you for the coverage! Hope you get your 10k subs this year!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for covering the game!!!

OKAY SO I thought this would be a quick horro game that would creep out my little sister but not me...turns out your game had me SCREAMING!! I came across a bug during the night where we had to take pictures. I even looked at other people's playthroughs and it would not let me pass the stage even tho I did the same thing. Nonetheless GREAT game. I'll be booting it back up to beat it later this week. 

Haha thank you for playing! What a journey that let's play was 

This game made me sweaty and had me at the edge of my seat even with just a simple concept as turning off the lights! Loved the creativity as you progressed through the levels!


Glad I was able to help cleanse the pores haha!

I had anxiety playing this I felt like something was gonna happen any moment.

Though I think the ending could be better.

Also the name in the thumbnail is wrong lol

Thanks for playing! Horror games are pretty tough to end without it being cheesy, but I'll definitely work on a better ending in the next one.


Very creepy. Great job!

Thanks suppliedcoot, you're too kind!

This was really good. The bit towards the end was my favorite. My playthrough starts at 7:22!

Thanks for the let's play! 

i almost pee'd my Pants Playing this

Haha mission accomplished! Thanks for playing Elsa

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This gave me som memories! Great game loved it! Hope you like the playthrough :D 

Thank you for playing! Glad you got to time travel a little bit.

Let me know if you make new games! I want to record <3 

I was more nervous for this than I should've been lol!!! good job;) 

Thank you for covering the game on your channel!

no problem!!!


Thank you dead303!


Much scarier than I was expecting. Absolutely flawless buildup and atmosphere. Great move to make the monster just barely visible. I really enjoyed this!

You're too kind Adrionic! Thank you for playing

This was a really cool horror experience, I loved the slow building of atmosphere and that you used different ways to be spooky. Hope, there will be more to play in the future, I love a simple yet effective premise!


Thank you Hula. Been looking forward to this one!

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Whoop whoop! Thanks Z9

Loved it!! So spooky and atmospheric!


Thanks BeeWithABinder! Glad you enjoyed the spooks


Thank you for playing! You're too kind :)



Thank you ezez for taking the time to play it!

Great game! I thought the atmosphere was spooky.

Thanks for playing it EvaPilot! Much appreciated

More scary than I thought it was going to be.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing the game Fellowplayer! 

Amazing delivery toward the middle of the game, I talk about it in my review, if you are curious check it out. Perfect game! 


Thank you Niven! Awesome playthrough!

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Thank you for playing the game! Keep well :)

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I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

So this experience hits home coz that's how I feel when I want to go to bed before switching all the lights off when no ones in the house. Being relatable made this experience even better with sounds being scary and hitting the points with slight jumpscares and moments that can terrify you if you look closely. I enjoyed this game and I highly recommend it. Try it out it's good stuff!!!

Thank you so much! Your review made me smile!

I started my playthrough channel because I am an indie dev myself and I wanted to help others get their work noticed more. This game is one of those hidden gems that I started this channel to find. The only thing I can fault here is how loud some of the sounds are, but that's a lot to do with my headset (It's a $300 headset so audio is crisp and loud XD). I genuinely enjoyed this little slice of horror, a theme that I and many others can relate to. Fantastic work my friend! Hope to see more from you!

Thank you so much for playing it! Really enjoyed your let's play.

I'll be making some changes to it soon and will definitely take the sound issue into account!

Thankyou! I really enjoyed your game! =)

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