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sloppy so good it made me fart

Had a enjoyable time, got creeped out a few times.Nice short horror game. Liked the build up and kept a unsettling atmosphere.

omg this game is creepy !

love the end!

the idea kinda cool but i think it was too dark for me to see anything when the light turned off ;-; me and my brother was so confuse about the way so it might be better with some more light >< btw it was a veryyyyyyyy good experience lol many of thanks <3

This game perfectly the fear of night or darkness and really captures the imagined dangers concealed by darkness.

This game got me good! The suspense builds really well, and I couldn't even make it to the end! Maybe I'm just a wimp but this game was great.

This was a really fun game! Night 5 was quite long, but I'm happy I completed it. If you enjoyed drop a like and consider subscribing :)

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had a blast with this one! looking forward to what you make next. i'll definitely play it 👍

Splendid horror game. IM SCARED OF THE DARK BTW 😰😰😰

Wasn't sure cuddling with a demon was what I wanted to do during this gameplay, but it happened. 1st game in the video: 

This game made me really uneasy and I loved every second of it.

This built up very nicely. The odd noise now and again as you tried to sleep was spot on and I think everyone opens there eyes just to be sure. A very well done... :)

You better don't turn off the lights in this game

game starts at 1:17. The game had a bit of a slow start but increasingly got more creepy.

i had to make a video about this 

Holy crap, this was really terrifying. The creepiness ramps up to pure scare towards the end. The darkness in the game was just so.. Enveloping and thick and really captured the fear of turning the lights off and roaming in the dark.

The sounds were really, really well done and the environment had enough things to make it seem full and also to keep looking at random items and wonder if that was the monster you might have seen.

The only thing I found a bit sudden and different was to go through the house and take photos of the creature. The placements felt random and there wasn't a proper indicator as to where it was.

Other than that, I think that the placement of the creature in the dark where the plant is supposed to be near the bedroom was absolutely great and I really thought that it was a plant later on, which just shows that everything was ramped up well and made the game really creepy. Great job on it and good luck for future projects!

Great game, you somehow made the dark even more scary.Well Done!

what a great game brings me back to when i was a kid with that fear, thanks for making the game!!!


This game was a lot of fun...The first two nights, i feel like more should have happened like sounds or shadows or something(unless i missed it) But i still really liked the slowness of it. The slow build up had me hooked and unexpected. Loved it! Heres my gameplay of it.. 

Hi! Thanks for making and sharing this game - it was spooky (and disturbing at times lol). I particularly liked the use of sound to make the player unsettled. Also, the camera flashes got me good as jumpscares. I'll be sleeping with the lights on! ;) 

Lights Off | A short indie horror game - Annie Kutyna

Loved Your Game! Actually kept scaring me multiple times! 

That camera level was incredible 


Pretty fun, creepy and nostalgic! 

Hey I played this game on steam but it was still great!

well im back with another banger!! we played this on my live stream and had a blast! its a game about turning off the lights... im sure thats it ;) but its just a pro edited reaction compilation so its only like 4 minutes long so be sure to give it a watch!! love yall

Awesome game! The flash back when I was a kid racing up those steps trying to outrun the dark was REAL! Game here: 

Please sub to my YouTube channel.

Awesome game, loved the graphics and the home design. How much for the place? Anyway--the horror pacing was great and I liked the little challenge of locating spirits with the camera. Fun experience, thanks for creating :)

Played the game on my channel! I thought it was pretty scary; can't wait to see what else you make!

The game is very scary. I always had this fear of turning off the lights and going to sleep :0
I´m 47 now and the fear continues...
Played here :0 -->

Short but not bad. Like the progression of the creepiness each night. Made a video on it.

I'm very familiar with the fear of the dark. The suspension was very unnerving every night and every time I turned off the lights. Simple gameplay with charming visuals and very effective in terms of the horror aspect.

A pretty good game I really enjoy playing it 

looking forward to what you make next

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Got me a few times ig, i mean i was surprised, was expecting a little more at the end, but other than that awesome game, well made

yeah I got out of the map. I mean I got out of the house and there are these white thingies on my screen.

Great game. So creepy in pixel style.

Hey, I played this game and I love the concept truly an example of a simple concept being turned into a chilling experience. Check out my playthrough on my channel

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