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This game was a lot of fun...The first two nights, i feel like more should have happened like sounds or shadows or something(unless i missed it) But i still really liked the slowness of it. The slow build up had me hooked and unexpected. Loved it! Heres my gameplay of it.. 

Hi! Thanks for making and sharing this game - it was spooky (and disturbing at times lol). I particularly liked the use of sound to make the player unsettled. Also, the camera flashes got me good as jumpscares. I'll be sleeping with the lights on! ;) 

Lights Off | A short indie horror game - Annie Kutyna

Loved Your Game! Actually kept scaring me multiple times! 

That camera level was incredible 


Pretty fun, creepy and nostalgic! 

Hey I played this game on steam but it was still great!

well im back with another banger!! we played this on my live stream and had a blast! its a game about turning off the lights... im sure thats it ;) but its just a pro edited reaction compilation so its only like 4 minutes long so be sure to give it a watch!! love yall

Awesome game! The flash back when I was a kid racing up those steps trying to outrun the dark was REAL! Game here: 

Please sub to my YouTube channel.

Awesome game, loved the graphics and the home design. How much for the place? Anyway--the horror pacing was great and I liked the little challenge of locating spirits with the camera. Fun experience, thanks for creating :)

Played the game on my channel! I thought it was pretty scary; can't wait to see what else you make!

The game is very scary. I always had this fear of turning off the lights and going to sleep :0
I´m 47 now and the fear continues...
Played here :0 -->

Short but not bad. Like the progression of the creepiness each night. Made a video on it.

I'm very familiar with the fear of the dark. The suspension was very unnerving every night and every time I turned off the lights. Simple gameplay with charming visuals and very effective in terms of the horror aspect.

A pretty good game I really enjoy playing it 

looking forward to what you make next

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Got me a few times ig, i mean i was surprised, was expecting a little more at the end, but other than that awesome game, well made

yeah I got out of the map. I mean I got out of the house and there are these white thingies on my screen.

Great game. So creepy in pixel style.

Hey, I played this game and I love the concept truly an example of a simple concept being turned into a chilling experience. Check out my playthrough on my channel


The Graphics Of The Game Was Nice And I Liked It

Check Out My Video

This game made my spider sense tickle...

i can find more then 2 people pls help me

Hi MrPigyon,

The radio plays a voice line on repeat that serves as a riddle as to where they are :). 


One's at the top of the stairs that's blocked off, one's beneath the stairs at the door, and one's in front of the closet


I recommend giving one of the let's plays a watch to help you. It can be a bit finnicky sometimes:

Good game loved it and the demon at the end is thicc keep it up.

Thank you! He do be quite thicc tho not gonna lie 


One of the best games on this site so far! Everything about this game made me scream no!

Thanks, those are some kind words!

This game was kind of interesting, it wasn't very scary and not a lot happened. My friends and I played this game for a Random Horror Games video and it wasn't terrible but there also wasn't much "horror" in our opinions.

Game is at 30:46

Thanks for playing! The game was somewhat experimental so it piggybacks off an existing fear from many people's childhoods, so it makes sense that it doesn't strike a chord for everyone in terms of horror. Nonetheless thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for making the game! We had fun with It! 😁

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Thank you for the kind words!

game had me at the end lol here's my playthrough on jt! 

Thanks King Carlton!

Simple Idea, But Fantastic Game!

That's My Video On It! :)

Thank you, glad you appreciate the simplicity of it!

Aye nice game here bro. Simple yet intriguing. We can all agree that as a child turning off the light and running upstairs a demon was chasing and this game brings back those experiences.👍👍

Shameless Plug:

Glad it brought back some of those horrifying childhood memories!

Simple concept, but well done in general. The start and the end game are great, but I did miss something in the middle. As if I needed a bit more story? I really liked it though! Good Job, developer =)


Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Yeah, it served mostly as an experiment so the story wasn't particularly well thought out. Tried to keep it as vague as possible so people can interpret it their own way to an extent. For me it symbolizes my sleep paralysis which gets progressively worse when I become sleep deprived, but I've heard some people interpreting it as cancer and degenerative diseases as it makes you feel helpless trying to stop it.

Always interesting to hear all the different perspectives from everyone!

This was a really fun little game, the subtle jumpscares and the atmosphere was great, good work :)


Woohoo! Thank you

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Do jeito que eu gosto, simples, imersivo e com um mistério por trás, será ótimo se o criador trouxer continuações!

Vídeo programado para o dia 31/08.

I waited awhile for the scare but it took some time before it came. It was worth the wait because the end was spooky, so overall it was a fun.

Start at 21:15 to watch the clip of me playing through the game.

Thank you! Glad the ending sat right

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I really enjoyed this game. It succeeded in what you were going for in that it captured the atmosphere and tension of being a child in the dark and it put a supernatural spin to it.

You were good at slowly building suspense and because it always stayed pretty subtle the game never fell into the trap of becoming too cheesy.

I watched a few playthroughs of the game and I felt kind of bad because one of my favorite moments was missed by a lot of people so I wanted to acknowledge that I really liked the creature in the dark at Night 4.

I also noticed that a lot of people missed the fact that the radio tells you where the creatures are. This could've easily been cheesy as well but because the "poem" and the voice are actually pretty creepy (in my opinion) and it's just such a radical departure from what came before it I think it works. 

While I overall liked this part I think what would maybe help with something like this in the future is to add subtitles to it so the player knows that they're supposed to pay attention to it. This would also help with the issue that it was a bit hard for me to understand at times. I actually still don't know what the last sentence is to be honest. I can understand "One waiting for eternal slumber." but then "(From the) closet (you can tell)"? Well, I obviously figured it out anyway but I'm still  really curious what he actually says.

All in all it's a really good and effective horror game. The perfect amount of subtlety so that it's still unsettling and sticks in your mind but not disappointing. :]

Wow that's some generously detailed feedback! I was quite tired of all the rinse and repeat formula horror games which is why I tried an experimental "slow burn" approach without any ear bursting jumpscares from the get go. 

The voice line says

"One ascended to the heavens, one stands at the gates of hell, one waits for eternal slumber, from the closet it can tell"

You're one of the few people that picked up on the significance of the voice on the radio. I realized that many people dismiss those kind of things in horror games because it's normally used as a cheesy method to create tension and rarely ever means anything.

The subtitles are a fantastic idea! Unfortunately I don't have the game files anymore as I recently replaced my PC so I won't be updating this game anymore :(

Loved this game, that scared feeling you get when you turn the lights off at the bottom of the stairs hits hard here.

Haha glad I got to revive that feeling for a bit!



Awesome horror experience. Very atmospherically and unnervingly well done. I encourage you to make more.

Thanks for the encouragement! I already have another one planned, I just need to find the time to make one in between all the other projects

Turn off the light and get in bed. Then turn on the phone and watch this Youtube video about turning off the light and getting in bed.

Haha love it!

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