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Great Game! Played here :)


Woohoo! Thanks

very Great game cant wait to buy the full game

Hey! Thank you for playing and glad to hear you enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy the full game just as much!

great short creepy game

Thank you!!!

Very cool intro to the game. Really good atmosphere and scares that make you want to try the full game out. Great job!

This was a high quality playthrough! Thanks for the let's play.

The initial estimate of 15 minutes was based off two friends playing it and a lot of thumb sucking, but now after seeing a handful of let's plays it does seem to average out around 10 minutes. I'll update the description to reflect that haha. Looking forward to seeing more from you!


Hello, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Gameplay Link:


Great playthrough, thanks!

I really enjoyed it! Good work :)


Whoop whoop! Thanks for the video :-)

Short but not bad for being a prologue. Made a video on it.


Hey, thanks for playing and making a video on it!

love it thank you 

Thanks for playing!

Intriguing concept and fantastic execution, left me wanting more thou. 

I just watched my older playthrough of your game "Lights Off!", which was really good. Since then, no horror projects? This one definitely hooked me in the right way. The atmosphere was superb, the design and mechanics were simple. I liked the story and slow build up to the prayers, everything was high quality and great. 

As I mentioned, the game was a surprise after a long pause from horror. Can't wait for the next installment. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 


Hey Niven,

Thank you for stopping by and playing! I did take quite a lengthy pause from horror as it was never my primary genre, but had a lot of fun sinking my teeth into it a second time. Already have another idea in the making but I'm considering switching engines as Unity's built in realtime lighting is a nightmare to work with.

I will be playing this live tomorrow 3/23 around 7 PM EST =D

Just jotted it down on my diary, will be there for the stream.

Holy Moly just finished the game. Solving all the puzzles first made it easier on me but I wasn't expecting the demon goat to run at me faster with each puzzle solved. Definitely an intense game :). Not knowing where the goat was at times and having to rely on my ears which failed me at times lol. Bought it on steam since I couldn't buy it here.

Hi Jragon, thank you so much for your support and full coverage of the game, and ccongrats on beating it!

Very cool!

Aye! Watched your playthrough of Lights Off a while back and was hoping you'd play this one too. Thanks for covering it <3

No problem, and thanks for watching!

Great game


Thank you Bis35! And thanks for the follow

No problem 


Wow that was quick! Thank you for covering the game Queen Faith!


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