A downloadable game for Windows

From the developer of Lights Off! comes a brand new horror experience.

Play through a nightmare fueled fever dream in this 10 minute prologue to The Cullfield Ritual.


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror


The Cullfield Ritual Prologue.zip 194 MB


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cool game

This was creepy!

Don't Do Drugs Kids!

Good Game i liked it!

this was creepy and well made 

pretty good! got kinda dark sometimes so  had a lil trouble but otherwise it was fun

Nice game, had fun playing it!

I enjoyed this, and it having you immediately doing something most would be uncomfortable with. Very interested to see where the story would go, so I may have to check out the full game! I WILL say though... at least for me personally, traversing after the lights went out felt a little too difficult at times- I know its not always practical but a flashlight or lighter would have really helped. Other than that, it was a cool experience and had good scares, great work. 

Interesting Prologue might have to play the full game!

INTERESTING!!! Not bad at all the story was easy to follow and the scares were placed well but not bad at all. Overall i’ll give it a 7.3/10!

Good Game!!

A fun experience. I felt extremely vulnerable praying with my eyes closed, and the sound design was particularly haunting. I like the simple visuals and graphics with heavy focus on texture - it's immersive! I might be alone, but I feel the monster staying passive and letting us build up fear on our own was the right choice for the game's atmosphere. I'll be checking out the full release soon. >:) If you'd like to hear other commentary I've linked the time I played the prologue! o7 see you soon with the full game.


I loved this game! I played and recorded before the updates but, even then, it was a lot of fun. However, the steam game and hidden ending is my favorite! Look forward to seeing what's next!

Interesting game for sure. I know this is a prologue to the main game, but I wish the monster showed up just a tad bit more. Besides that, nice job.

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Comments below clip:

Is darkness scary...? Not to me it is. It becomes boring pretty quickly. Too bad, because the idea behind your game is nice and admirable, but stumbling through the dark doesn't cut if for me. Still, because of the basic concept behind this game, you get a big thumbs up :o]

i played this game and i loved so much!! its a different experience!!

Very .. unusual game. I only played the demo, but I will say that it is quite interesting. There are many frightening and scary moments, screamers are worthy. I don’t understand the plot yet, but I’m sure that in the full version I will find out everything. So yes, the game is definitely good, definitely like it

I have no clue why I was summoning that demon but this game does have potential , looking forward to seeing what it becomes! Your game is third and starts at 13:32

Very good game!! the atmosphere of the game is very tense right from the start, you did another great one keep up good work

Gameplay PT-BR

it was fun and simple


This was fun! It was a little dark and hard to see at times, but it was still fun! 




it was fun 


Enjoyed your game - made me jump a couple of times, well done!

its again ritual time !

I am the greatest summoner.

This game was cool. I got confused what what I was looking for. Also at the end i was dumb and thought I got a different ending but didn't Lol... Ill be playing again so i can figure it out. It was fun. I enjoyed it a lot. Good work developer!

Here is my video if interested in watching.

Fun prologue! The ending was particularly creepy!

This was a really fun experience, I enjoyed the sounds and the voices that come in! The scares were great I hope to cover the full game soon. Great job!

Imagine you play this game in the middle of the night, turn off all the lights and turn the volume to full, you will feel how scary it is. The environment around the game makes me feel like I'm in that house, extremely quiet and creepy. This is just a prologue but it gives me the ultimate fear that few horror games can scare me like that. It's only a pity that the last part of the prologue when the demon comes to scare me, I don't find it very scary, I don't know how the scare scene will be in the paid game part. I will consider buying the game for a better experience. Thanks to the author for creating this game This is purely a personal opinion, my overall rating of this game is 8/10. Thank you for reading.

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Gameplay en ESPAÑOL. Nice.

I nearly died...

The goat was funny :)

Nice short horror game! Love the atmosphere. I curious is there any good ending?. Looking forward for your other project :) Wish u like my gameplay 

Hi Mama Fraha! Even though I couldn't understand the video I still enjoyed watching your reactions!

There's only one ending in the prologue but the main game has 3 different endings.

Thanks for playing!

Very creepy atmosphere. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you!

Well created with amazing sounds effects. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4XVe6riF0TpZDROSpMmXfg

Thanks for the playthrough!

I made a video on your game (6:43)


Thank you for playing the game!

Super cool !!


Thanks for the coverage!

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