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You have a habit of creating lovable and addicting games you're truly an excellent game dev fam!


I can't tell you how much I appreciate you playing my games! Your comments are the highlight of my day :)

Love it <3

Very relaxing and I can't stop playing

Wow, thank you!!

Amazing relaxing experience! Was able to achieve 336! I don't think I would have loose if I kept thinking a lot, but eventually, my brain started melting. I would suggest a time pressure that keeps getting harder, but that would be against the relaxing design, which I would not recommend HAHA. Anyway, amazing work! Congratulations :D

Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely look into tweaking the difficulty / pressure to ensure it doesn't go on for too long :-)

Cohesive look and feel, and fun gameplay! Another banger from this amazing developer.


Really nice concept, artstyle and music. Love it, keep it on!

Thank you, that's so kind of you!


Very interesting concept!! Got to like 668 before losing.


Good job! I should look into tweaking the difficulty a bit as it seems like the game goes on for too long when people are focused. Thanks for playing!

Interesting concept. There is a bug with the square pattern. 

3 6 

5 6

1 2

so 3 + 6 + 6 + 5 = 20, but the game doesn't count that as the correct combination. Do "1" and "2" interfere with the final result?

Hi Stead, thanks for reporting the bug! I just tested it out and it works fine for me. Please note that the square combinations can only be made within the marked off grids:

Got it, my misunderstanding of the rule. 

I'll be sure to explain it better in the tutorial section, it seems to be confusing quite a few people. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Great concept but there is a bug. I wanted to be reminded of the rules after gaining 100 points, but after leaving the how-to-play screen, the points were reset to zero. 

Sorry about that! Clicking on the tutorial takes you to a separate scene and I didn't have time to implement a save system. Perhaps in a future update :)

I love the concept. IMO, it's a perfect simple game for code practicing.

As a stress test, have you tested what happens if two or three conditions are fulfilled at once?

Thanks for playing! Fulfilling two or three conditions at once will give you score multipliers for that match :)

Nice execution and really relaxing vibe.

Very nice animations and fun game!

Good concept, Great execution 👌 Would make for an incredible mobile game

Great idea and atmospheric game. the graphics are great for the game.

I really love this concept!  I just wish there were some sort of garbage blocks or something because otherwise it feels like you can't lose

This is a great idea thanks! I didn't put enough time into playtesting so I didn't realize it's possible to find a pattern and basically never lose. I'll be sure to fix it if I update the game again!

please do, if I could play this on my phone I would all the time.  I just showed this game to my girlfriend and now it's burned into my laptop screen lmao

greatest puzzle/arcade game ever :D



Very polished, very addicting, the kind of thing I'd absolutely adore having on my phone to relax with while waiting for the bus. Excellent music choice. Losing sound effect is a bit grating. How I'd expand on this is creating "clearable boards", where you have a starting seed and you have to find the correct way to clear the board using all of your dice. Fantastic work over all

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very polished but i'm missing a menu, for the rest good job!

This would be an absolutely perfect mobile game - not too hard to be annoying, but just enough to be a good distraction

I've got a score of 336, an empty board, and no interest in continuing. It's nice that it's calm and chill, but I'm not sure how to lose.

same here! very nice tho. well don

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! Yeah sorry, I didn't put enough time into playtesting so I never realized there's a pattern you can figure out and never lose. I'll do something about it in the next update :)

Simple and fun game. Loved the art! Good job.

That's so cool and polished! This is complete game!

I feel like 12 is not working. I made combinations of 4x4 in all 3 shapes and it didn't work

Fun game Tho!

Hi Litefeather, so sorry to hear that! I've tested it again and I can't seem to replicate it. Would you be willing to leave a screenshot with the issue? 


So this is one of them

cool upload it on the appstore, it's pretty complete

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Simple but fun game with nice music.

This is awesome! Amazing concept that totally fits the theme.
The music and sound effects are just chef's kiss.
Art looks really good too.

A simple fun puzzle game! Gives off calming vibes!


It looks brilliant and has a good feeling. I really like that calm music.


This game is really good. It is a simple concept, but was excecuted so well. It is also surprisingly pretty for a simple puzzle game and the background music fits perfectly. This game has potential to be on the top 20.

This is great.

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amazing concept and execution. great fun